US: Dozen still missing after a ship capsized in Louisiana

Many people are still missing after a commercial ship had an accident off the US state Louisiana and six people have been rescued by the United States Coast Guard, according to Jonathan Lally, spokesman of the coastguard.

 Jonathan Lally told The Washington Post newspaper that a dozen people are still missing. “We’re still looking for others right now,” he said.


According to Jonathan Lally, spokesman, the ship had 18 crew members on board and capsized near Port Fourchon about 100 miles south of New Orleans along the Gulf of Mexico.

Rescue teams say the ship was used to assist in drilling and construction in the sea and was a 129 feet lift vessel struck by a storm caused by bad weather late Tuesday evening.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have issued a warning in their Twitter handle on those operating in the area about the bad weather situation that could affect ships working along the Gulf of Mexico.

Special Marine Warning continues for the Coastal waters from Port Fourchon Louisiana to Lower Atchafalaya River LA from 20 to 60 NM and Coastal waters from Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River to Port Fourchon Louisiana from 20 to 60 NM until 7:30 PM CDT.”

The coastguard posted pictures on the Twitter handle showing part of the vessel fully submerged in water while the rescue team moves through the area to see if they can locate the missing or retrieve the bodies of those who may have died.

Owners of the vessel told local authorities that there were 18 people on board, and so far, only a few have been rescued.

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