UN allocates $13 million to help respond to massive flood in South Sudan



United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths, on Tuesday, November 23, allocated 13 million U.S. dollars from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for an urgent response to large-scale flooding in South Sudan.

Over 809,000 people have been affected by massive flooding in many parts of the country, accompanied by a severe upsurge of violence in many areas such as Tambura.

Many Humanitarian agencies have scaled up their response to meet the affected people’s needs. This is unarguably the third year in a row that large parts of South Sudan have been flooded,  leaving thousands adversely affected.


The CERF allocation contributes significantly to the response to one of the country’s worst and most prolonged floods. United Nations agencies and their partners, would provide humanitarian assistance and protection to people who have been adversely affected by the floods and have limited or no access to essential services like food supply, drugs, and other basic needs.


Few countries across the globe have recently witnessed severe flooding, leaving communities affected and forcing them to  displace from their original settlements. This has greatly impacted their economy.

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