UK: 51 countries hosted for climate talks ahead of COP26


British minister Alok Sharma, president of the “Conference of Parties” COP26, will lead the two-day meeting in London where “key issues that require resolution” at the summit will be addressed.


Sharma “hopes to build common ground and sketch the outline of the Glasgow outcome,” according to a statement released by the British government.

Environment and climate officials, all drawn from France, the United States, India, and China, will be participants in the closed-door meeting, which will include both virtual and in-person attendance.


“We are facing perilous times for our planet, and the only way we will safeguard its future is if countries are on the same path,” said Sharma.

“It is essential that together we roll up our sleeves, find common ground and collectively draw out how we will build a greener, brighter future for our children and future generations.”


In more than 18 months, this is the first face-to-face ministerial meeting of its kind.

The event will cover the goal of keeping to the 1.5 degree Celsius temperature rise limit, exploring topics such as climate finance, efforts to adapt to climate change, and finalizing the “rulebook” for implementation of the Paris Agreement.


It should be noted that Negotiators from 196 countries and the European Union, as well as businesses, experts, and world leaders, are expected to attend.

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