Twenty killed in a road accident in Egypt

According to local authorities, at least 20 people have died in Assiut in the Southern part of Egypt following a ghastly car accident that occurred today, Wednesday 14th April 2021, leaving three others in critical condition.

Sources say the accident involved a bus carrying more than 25 people on board and a heavy-duty truck along the Assiut highway approximately 199 miles from southern Cairo.

“The bus overturned following the collision as it tried overtaking the truck along the highway, and when we got to the scene, we realized that the situation of those in the bus was critical as we started counting dead bodies while pulling them out of the bus. So far, we have counted 20 and those injured are in critical condition and have been transported to a local hospital,” a state official said.

Essam Saad, the Governor of Assiut region, pointed out to the press that both vehicles caught fire following the collision, and claimed the lives of about 20 people in the bus at the time of the impact.

The Egyptian health ministry announced that they had deployed ambulances to the scene to take care of those badly in need of medical attention and transport the bodies to the mortuary.

Egypt has poor road safety measures, especially around its major highways, and deadly accidents are very common in the country due to the nature of the roads, lack of effective measures to enforce traffic laws, and above all, over speeding.

Two deadly accidents occurred last month. The first claimed the lives of 18 people when a truck collided with a minibus in Giza. The second claimed the lives of 20 people leaving 200 people critically injured when two trains collided in Tahta.

According to official statistics from the Egyptian ministry of transport, the country has recorded at least 10000 road accidents between 2019 and 2021, and more than 3480 people have died in the accidents.


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