The first set of Refugees from Afghanistan arrive in Uganda


The government of Uganda has announced the arrival of some refugees into the country. The East African country has already received 51 evacuees from Afghanistan fleeing from Taliban rule.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda, the U.S. government had suggested the move to the Ugandan government in which the government accepted to temporarily host Afghan nationals and other nationals whose lives are at very high risk in Afghanistan. They are simply in transit to the United States of America and other destinations worldwide seeking safety.


Very early on Wednesday, the first set of evacuees arrived at the Entebbe International  Airport through a privately chartered flight.

All of the evacuees underwent the necessary security screening measures as well as the mandatory COVID-19 testing and they are equally observing the required quarantine protocols.


The government of Uganda also confirmed that there are still some refugees stuck in Kabul who have not had a way out and are yet to be evacuated.

“Whereas it had been arranged for some people to travel on the above flight, due to the challenges of accessing the airport in Kabul, they were unable to make it. Arrangements are being made to bring them on the subsequent flight.”

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