Syria: 13 killed in two rocket attacks

Two separate missile attacks have killed at least 13 people in northern Syrian, leaving several people in critical condition, including medical staff, women, and children, according to media reports.


The attack is blamed on Syrian Kurdish groups and the Syrian military for targeting Turkish armed groups who have been fighting in the northern part of Syria to defeat ISIS fighters fighting in the north of the country alongside the Free Syrian Army.

But the Syrian Kurdish groups have not claimed full responsibility for the attacks, nor has the Syrian military accepted firing missiles in the town hosting Turkish fighters. 


However, the Turkish government has concluded the attack was carried out by the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), a group in alliance with the Syrian Democratic Forces, sponsored by the US. It warns the group will pay for killing civilians.

Reuters reported that the first rocket attack was at a residential neighborhood which killed at least eight people, while the second rocket was directed at the al-Shifa hospital, which killed two medical staff, a patient, and injured other hospital staff.


Videos circulating on social media showed rescue and humanitarian workers digging through the rubbles of the hospital and some homes to pull out people affected by the rocket attack. People could be heard crying and cursing the Kurdish fighters for attacking the neighborhood.


Syrian Observatory Director Rami Abdurrahman told AFP, “The shelling targeted several areas of the town then hit the hospital.”

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