Spain: 6000 migrants deported to their home countries after spending a week in Spain

Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spain, has deployed additional 200  border police to Ceuta, a route mostly used by African migrants to access Spain while crossing over from Morocco in search of a better life and political freedom.

Sanchez told reporters that he would enforce order along the border and discourage the use of Ceuta as an entry point into Spain by African Migrants who are risking their lives every day to enter Europe.


According to the Spanish Prime Minister, close to 6000 migrants, most of whom were rescued by coast guards since Friday, have been deported to their country of origin, preventing more migrants from risking their lives to come into Spain.

He warned that migrants using the route would be immediately deported to their country of origin without further delay. According to him, the rate at which migrants are dying at sea has more than increased, and measures need to be taken to deter others from thinking of using such an illegal route.


Yesterday, one person died after he drowned while trying to paddle his way to the border wall. He was amongst the thousands who smugglers dropped at the sea who managed to reach the border wall.

Spanish coast guards were seen in a viral video yesterday, watching as hundreds of migrants stranded at sea struggled to reach the shore while swimming yet, could not lend a helping hand.


Rights organizations have condemned the action stating that it is the right of those persons to be rescued by Spanish police even if they are undocumented migrants and say such action only violates international conventions on refugees.

Since the beginning of this year, several refugees have died along the sea while trying to reach Europe. According to the UN Refugee Council, the situation is being provoked by bad governance, wars, terrorism, and prosecution that exists, especially within Sub Sahara Africa.

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