Somalia: Three killed, six injured as terrorists target regional governor

Ali Wardhere Dooyow, the governor in the Bay region in Somalia, has narrowly escaped death after he was targeted by suicide bombers who killed two of his bodyguards alongside a civilian in an attack today, Saturday, 10th April 2021.

The attack occurred in Baidoa hotel in the southwest state as the suicide bomber approached the governor’s entourage and detonated himself. Luckily, the Governor escaped the attack thanks to some of his bodyguards.


According to a local police officer Mohamud Adan Ibrahim, six people were injured in the attack, with most of them being civilians, and are currently being treated at a regional hospital. 

No group has taken responsibility for today’s attack, but the country has two major armed groups operating Al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda.

Somalia descended into war in 2007 when western countries backed an effort that ousted al-Shabab from power, and now some ISIL fighters have joined the fight with a different agenda.

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