Somalia: 17 al-Shabaab fighters killed

Seventeen al-Shabaab fighters were killed and several others wounded in two separate security operations in Somalia’s central region on Friday, Somali National Army (SNA) has said.


The SNA said 10 al-Shabaab militants were killed, and an unknown number were injured during an operation in the Hiran region.


The army also killed seven Al-Shabaab insurgents and destroyed their hideouts during another operation conducted in villages near the Mahas district in the Hiran region.

“The SNA destroyed al-Shabaab bases near Mahas district where they used to carry out attacks on civilians and army,” the SNA said through its military radio.


The government forces have intensified operations to flush out Al-Shabaab fighters from their hideouts in central and southern regions of Somalia in the past three weeks, which resulted in the militants losing ground and suffering heavy casualties.

The al-Qaida allied group has lost many areas previously under its control but can still be staging attacks in Somalia.


Somalia’s neighbors have also intensified efforts in flushing out the armed group, especially Kenya that has suffered attacks from the jihadists. 

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