Rwanda: Six arrested in Rwanda for criticizing President Paul Kagame


Rwanda’s government has ordered an arrest of six prominent personalities, including three opposition members, over allegations of spreading information geared towards destabilizing the government.


The six individuals were arrested on Friday and are currently being held incommunicado by security forces, who have announced an investigation into the matter to make more arrests on those who could be having links. 


The government released a statement indicating that the six people are “spreading rumors to destabilize the government”  and will have access to their lawyers after investigations must have been completed. 

Nsengimana Theoneste is the owner of a popular YouTube channel known as Umubavu TV who is also among those arrested, accused of using his platforms to spread false information that may push people to the streets to carry out acts of violence.


Their families have rejected the allegations raised by the government of Paul Kagame and described the arrest as being politically motivated, warning that Kagame is going against democratic values by silencing the voices of opposition.

Two weeks ago, a court sentenced a YouTube commentator and content creator to 15 years in prison for criticizing Paul Kagame as his actions were seen as inciting violence.

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