RWANDA: Polytechnic Regional College launches Chinese language course


Excitement and buzz are what has characterized Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) in Kigali after the Chinese language was launched as a new course offered to students at the college in the Rwandan capital.


Several IPRC top administrators attended the event, which took place on Wednesday.

The co-director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rwanda, Zeng Guangyu, was also present at the launch event, noting that IPRC Kigali will serve as a pilot project.


“Right now, we have started with IPRC Kigali, but with time, all IPRCs will be teaching Chinese,” he said.

Zeng said over the past decade, the Confucius Institute had offered Chinese language training to up to 13 sites, including six campuses of the University of Rwanda and several secondary schools within the country.


He mentioned that over 5,000 students across Rwanda are learning the Chinese language.

According to Gentille Umuhoza Waze, a first-year industrial art student majoring in fashion design, it is simply an added advantage to her and she feels lucky to be among the first to start learning Chinese at IPRC Kigali. 


“I can speak Kinyarwanda (the official language in Rwanda), English, and French, and I believe that learning Chinese will be such a big achievement for me,” she concluded.


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