Rwanda Abolish Automatic Promotion of final students without satisfactory Remarks


According to local media reports on Wednesday, Rwanda’s Ministry of Education has officially banned the automatic promotion of students to the next level without satisfactory marks.


The ban aims to promote quality education in the country and make sure that students are not just promoted to the next level during the national exams without having to show merits.


This year, more than 60,000 students failed the national exams and will be forced to repeat, according to the Ministry of Education which has been blamed on the Covid_19 pandemic.

The national exams were to take place in November 2020, but due to the emergence of the Covid_19 pandemic, it was shifted to July 2021, and so many students ended up failing.

The massive failure has been blamed on the impact of the Covid_19 pandemic reasons why the country’s education ministry says the students should repeat since most of them did not do well in their exams.

President Paul Kagame has welcomed the move by the education ministry and has called on stakeholders to put their hands together to make sure the students have the best Education.


Covid_19 pandemic greatly affected educational institutions across the globe, especially the African continent, as most of them were not conversant with the online system of learning.

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