President of Chad, Idris Deby Killed on the battlefield

Chadian President Idriss Deby has died after he was shot at the battlefield on his way to show support to soldiers fighting against the rebels today, Tuesday 20th April 2021, according to Chadian state Radio.

Sources say he died of bullet wounds after being rushed for medical attention minutes after he was shot while reviewing troops.


In 2020, he appointed himself as Field Marshal and was constantly on the field to show support for the troops fighting against Boko Haram and ISIS link groups in the region.

Deby won the last April 11th Presidential election with 79.3 percent, according to the provisional results released by the country’s independent electoral commission, and had promised to use his sixth but controversial term to unite the country and fight against insurgency.


He was the key player in the fight against terrorism in West and Central Africa who won the hearts of the western countries despite his records on human rights abuses and crimes against humanity committed on his own people.

He came to power in 1990 through a coup and promised to change the country’s political structure. After his first mandate, he instated “personal” democracy, where he tightened his grip on power and created institutions that would benefit him and keep him in power.

In 2018 he changed the constitution, giving him the power to seek re-election. Opposition parties protested against the decision, and in early February, he arrested some opposition leaders who were against his reelection bid.

Today’s death will create a huge vacuum in the fight against terrorism in Africa but will be celebrated at home since he did not want to organize a free and fair election.

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