Nigeria: Male civil Servants to benefit from 14-day paternity leave


14-day paternity leave has been introduced by the Nigerian government which will apply to male civil servants to enable them to create a strong bond with their children and also to assist their wives during the early days after giving birth.


The announcement was passed on Thursday, September 30th by the head of the country’s civil service who also said the 14 days paternity leave will also apply for male parents who adopt babies less than four months to give them the fatherhood experience.

According to the announcement, private companies have the obligation to respect the new policy that will also enable men in their companies to be eligible for the 14-day paternity leave.


A new report also revealed that most women in Nigeria after giving birth to their children are left to suffer during the first two weeks as their husbands are not given the opportunity to help their wives at home which often results in overloading the women.


Many civil servants have welcomed the new policy and said it is a welcomed initiative that will greatly help parents to have a strong bond with their newly born children alongside helped the women at home to carry out some house chores.


Ukaze Chukudi is a civil servant working in the nation’s political capital Abuja, he said “this is one of the best achievements from this administration, we can now stay at home to help our wives carry out some activities after giving birth,” he said.

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