Nigeria: Government approves N13.3 as budget to fight insecurity 


The Nigerian parliament has approved the sum of N13.3 billion as a take-off budget to support community policing to reduce the rate of criminality across the Federal territory, according to a statement released by the office of the country’s President Muhammadu Buhari.


In the statement, the President highlighted that the federal government has also placed orders on ammunition, modern equipment, and weapons, enabling security officers to effectively execute their functions in reducing the rate of kidnapping in the embattled nation.

President Buhari added that new national command and control centers have been expanded and funds will be provided to help them effectively carry out their assignments.


“As part of the efforts towards strengthening our national security, we have increased investments in arms, weapons and other necessary equipment; expanded the National Command and Control Centre to nineteen states of the Federation; and established a Nigerian Police Trust Fund, which will significantly improve funding for the Nigeria Police Force.”

 “We have also approved the sum of N13.3 billion for the take-off of the Community Policing initiative across the country, as part of measures adopted to consolidate efforts aimed at enhancing security nationwide.” 


The statement was released barely two days after unidentified armed men in Sokoto state killed more than 20 people.

Over a dozen people sustained critical injuries and were taken to the hospital, where some are responding to treatment.


Insecurity in Nigeria is presently at an all-time high, and Nigerians claim the level of insecurity is due to the President’s insensitivity towards Nigerians.

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