Nigeria Adopts electronic methods of vote transfer and counting ahead of 2023 polls


As Nigerians prepare for the 2023 presidential election, the country’s parliament has voted to change the manual form of vote transfer and counting to an electronic system that will enable election officials to have complete control over the results.


The vote was reached this week after opposition lawmakers issued a statement stating that the only way to protect votes and ensure that many Nigerians participate in the electoral process is to instituted electronic transfer and counting. This would reduce the rate at which ballot boxes are being stolen.


According to lawmakers of the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, the manual system is not flexible enough. It creates opportunities for figures to be tempered with by election officials, the reason they pushed for a change in the process.

They also noted that malpractices would be reduced with the electronic system as compared to the manual.


However, some ruling All Progressive Party lawmakers have expressed their concerns over the newly adopted electronic system, pointing out that the system could easily be hacked, thus affecting the results.


They have called for a review of the new decision, also stressing that some localities may have difficulties operating the electronic system, especially in the North, where some areas do not have access to the internet. 


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