Nigeria: 18 killed in road accident

Eighteen people were killed in a road crash involving two commercial buses in Nigeria’s northern state of Jigawa on Wednesday, the police said.

The victims were killed on the spot as the two buses coming from opposite directions in the Birninkudu area of the state had a head-on collision which resulted in a fire outbreak, said Lawan Shisu, a spokesman for the police of Jigawa.


One of the drivers, who had a fracture on his leg, survived the incident, Shisu said, adding the driver was rushed to a nearby hospital.

An investigation has been launched into the road crash.

Deadly road accidents are frequently reported in Nigeria, often caused by overloading, bad roads, and reckless driving.

Nigerian streets are strewed with blood from massive pain inflicted either by jihadists (Boko Haram) in the north or armed bandits who kidnap for ransom and end up slaughtering their victims who cannot meet up with their demands. 


Separatists have also risen in Imo and other Ibo inhabited states demanding an independent state of Biafra. This, too, has resulted in frequent attacks on police stations and military posts in those parts of the country.


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