Namibia’s Government Accuses 84 Doctors of Embezzlement

Eighty-four medical doctors in Namibia would face criminal charges in the coming weeks after the country’s ministry accused them of misusing millions of dollars given by the government to improve the health of citizens within the country.


The information was made known today, Thursday 29th April 2021, by the ministry of health, which revealed that over 600 million US dollars allocated for health schemes were missing.

According to Namibia Daily,  some doctors who are being accused have opted to pay part of the money to avoid being jailed for embezzlement and fraud, while others have denied the allegations.


Doctor David Weber, the leader of Namibia’s medical association, has told the press that they are not aware of the misuse of state funds to combating diseases. His office is not aware of legal actions launched against the suspected doctors.

Namibia’s government says investigations on health funds were launched in 2017 after the government realized that medical budgets were constantly being increased each year.


And that all the allegations of fraud are coming as a result of the investigations launched in 2017, which point fingers at the 84 doctors.


The government noted that some of the misused funds came from assistance from the International Monetary Fund IMF to help local communities fight infections diseases.

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