Myanmar: Six anti-coup rebels killed, 10 injured by military

Anti-coup defense force, a rebel group mostly made up of civilians in Myanmar says, six of their fighters have been killed today, Sunday 16th May 2021, by the Myanmar military following hours of deadly confrontation that took place this afternoon. 


The group that was formed to reject the February military coup and protect the civilian population from being attacked by the military during moments of protest has also been responsible for a series of attacks carried out against the Myanmar military in the capital of Burma.


The group said in a statement reported by AP that; “Six members of our CDF who tried to protect the security of the people in Mindat attacked the military and sacrificed their lives for the national revolution.”


According to the spokesman who refused to be named on AP news agency, he said about 10 of their fighters were injured after the confrontation. The military has also arrested scores of civilians in the area where the attack occurred.

The United States and the United Kingdom have called for an end in violence on the civilian population. They have also condemned today’s deadly confrontation, which they say put the lives of the civilian population more at risk when the nation is also struggling with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.


The US embassy on Saturday had warned against violence before today’s incident. It stated in a tweet that “The military’s use of weapons of war against civilians, including this week in Mindat, is a further demonstration of the depths the regime will sink to hold onto power.” 

The UN has also repeated calls on the Military to hand over power to the civilian government and return to the barracks, and above all to release all political prisoners held since February while engaging with them in a dialogue that will end the hostility in the nation.


Aung San Suu Kyi is currently facing charges against the state, which could end her maximum sentence if found guilty by the military court. She has rejected all the allegations made against her and her government ministers, stating that they will not back down in their quest to promote democracy.


The UN Human Rights Watch holds that close to 4,000 people are in jail, and about 796 people have been killed since the cour erupted on February 1st.

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