Kenya: President imposes new lockdown measures due to increase in covid-19

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has imposed new lockdown measures to help the country battle the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly affected its economy and educational systems.

President Kenyatta announced today, Friday 26th March 2021, that all inland travel in Nairobi and four counties have been suspended until further notice due to the increased rate of new infections of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in the country.


According to statistics presented today by the Kenyan President, the rate of covid-19 has jumped from 2% to 22%  between January and March, and the capital alone has about 60 percent. Reasons why the lockdown measures have been imposed within the capital Nairobi.

Before today’s lockdown measures, the country had a curfew that usually starts from 10:00 pm local time to 5:00 am, but the new measures show that the curfew will begin at 8:00 pm local time to 4:00 am.


The new lockdown measures also indicate that restaurants and bars will remain closed for dining in. However, clients are allowed to buy and take home according to the President’s new lockdown measures.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has suspended all face-to-face learning, including universities and primary schools; he says other teaching alternatives would be used.

Schools in Kenyan reopened last January after months of shutdown when the country first reported an increase in the deadly coronavirus cases in 2020. With the new lockdown measures, the students’ fate hangs in the balance, especially those within the primary sector who are unfamiliar with modern technology.

Kenyatta said Kenya records between 1,000 and 1,500 cases per day; thus, the inaction cost would worsen.


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