Kenya Poll: Son of former President Moi announces his candidacy



The battle for Kenya’s presidency had taken a new dimension as a new candidate, son of former President Moi Arap Daniel has been introduced in the race making the political situation for the 2022 presidential election uncertain.

The son of the former president, Gideon Moi announced that he will be running for the top job on Thursday during a press conference in Nairobi during which he promised radical reforms to help the nation become economically independent.


He is currently the youngest candidate for the top job and will be facing the country’s main opposition leader Raila Odinga and the deputy President William Ruto who seemingly has strong grassroots support.

He is a great ally to Kenya’s outgoing Uhuru Kenyatta, whose mandate will come to an end this 2021 according to the country’s constitution he will not be eligible to stand for another mandate since he had two successful mandates.


Moi played a key role in the last 2017 presidential election in which Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto participated under a single ticket and won the election as proclaimed by the election commission.

But the initial results in the 2017 presidential election were dismissed by the supreme court after the opposition leader Raila Odinga petitioned the results alleging that there were massive irregularities.


After the nullification of the results, the Supreme court announced that a fresh election be conducted within the time frame mandated by the constitution but the opposition party did not participate in the second election still citing irregularities.

By this time, the supreme court upheld the second results and inaugurated Uhuru for a second and final mandate but the main opposition leader Odinga went ahead to inaugurate himself as the “people’s president” 


After months of political tension, both parties pushed for reconciliation and Raila Odinga conceded defeat.

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