Kenya Implores  joint efforts to combat Gender violence


 Kenya, on Wednesday, launched the National Police Service (NPS) Integrated Response to Gender-Based Violence Operational Document (PoliCare), calling for an integrated multi-sectoral approach to tackling the societal challenge of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) across the country.


Speaking at the launch ceremony, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta urged that the fight against SGBV will require joint efforts in advocacy and public awareness alongside the strict implementation of the law to ensure that victims feel empowered and safe to report their encounters.

PoliCare seeks to provide one-stop centers throughout the country where SGBV victims will find all the help they need.


The First Lady stressed her complete support of the government’s commitment to end all forms of SGBV, saying it will take much more than law enforcement for the East African country to fully deal with the retrogressive customs and cultural practices, and beliefs that enable the crimes.


Margaret Kenyatta advised that law enforcement agencies should ensure that SGBV victims gain their trust at all times.

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