Ivory Coast: Court opens case of 2003 genocide against former warlord

According to Ivorian authorities, a court in Ivory Coast has today opened a trial for at least 800 people killed in 2003 in a remote village in Duekouke.

The Red Cross first reported the incident in the late 2000s stating that over  800 people were killed in one day by rebel fighters loyal to Amade Ouremi, a former warlord who was also nicknamed the “lord.”

He is being accused of rape, extermination, genocide, and extrajudicial killings of civilians, including women and children. If found guilty, he could face 20 years in jail, according to the country’s laws.


The former warlord was arrested in 2013, and since his arrest, he has not appeared in court and was only presented to the court today. He has denied all the allegations levied against him.

His rebel group was against the former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo. During the civil war, his rebels fought against the former President, which paved the way for his ousting from power.


He was viewed as a supporter of President Qattara, whose government was criticized by human rights organizations for downplaying the crime committed by Ouremi, who was supposedly under his protection.


The government of President Qattara took a  giant step to arrest the former warlord as a PRO strategy.


In court today, one of the victims whose parents were killed said, ” I want justice, and it is sad to see that such a man has not been sentenced. He needs to be jailed for life.” 


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