Iran President accuses Biden of playing double standard in reviving nuclear deal


The President of the Islamic Republic, Hassan Rouhani, has accused the Biden administration of playing a double standard in reviving the Iran nuclear deal, which was signed in 2015 with the members of the p5+1. Hassan Rouhani says the Biden administration is not serious in their words about moving forward with the deal after the Trump administration pulled out of the deal.


In late February, the Biden administration criticized former US President Donald Trump for pulling the US out of the nuclear deal. It said his administration would reconsider the deal and respect the terms and conditions instituted in the deal in 2015 to prevent Iran from continuing with uranium enrichment.


According to Hassan Rouhani, nothing has changed since Biden made the promise. Instead, America has continued to uphold Trump’s harsh policy against Iran and has maintained all Trump administration sanctions.

Rouhani, in a televised address to the cabinet, said the Biden administration should agree that Trump is a terrorist, and if not, it means that they are not serious about getting back to the nuclear deal; “Do you agree that Trump was a terrorist? If you don’t, then all your talk is invalid. If you do, then you shouldn’t continue his action for one more second.”    


He said, Americans are lying about lifting sanctions imposed by the former president whom they said had no right to pull out from the nuclear deal yet are still keeping his policy under the pretext that they need time to lift sanctions; “The Americans are lying that they require time to lift sanctions. They can do it in an hour, and we will only need a moment. There are a few screws we need to twist and untwist.”

Ali Rabiei, the spokesman of Iran’s government, warned that any delay to engaged in the nuclear deal further pushes Iran to an extreme position and that; “Those who violate the nuclear deal must know each day of more delays in lifting sanctions on Iran will not only reduce the chance to restore the deal as the first and last solution to do away with differences but will also push them further away from achieving a better outlook of relations with Iran.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister yesterday, tweeted that the US government is continuing with Trump’s policy. This is dangerous for the peace talks if the US wants Iran to respect the deal. He said the Biden administration could not be calling for Iran to respect a deal abandoned by the Trump administration and that the US must respect the deal by lifting sanctions.



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