India: Collapsed building kills 8 children, three adults in western Mumbai

Eight children have died alongside three adults following the collapse of a building on another in the western Indian city of Mumbai on Wednesday, state media has reported.

A police report released Thursday states that eight people were injured in the accident due to heavy rain and high wind experienced presently in Mumbai.


The police report also discloses that most of the victims were asleep at the time of the incident, and the eight children were killed instantly, covered with debris of the collapsed building.

Those injured are currently being treated at a hospital in Malad West area of Mumbai.


Rescue workers were sent to the area this morning and are currently digging the debris in the hope of finding survivors and victims still trapped under debris, Ravindra Kadam, a police officer, told reporters.

Several locations within the same neighborhood have been flooded following the rains, and authorities have given new policies that should be followed during this period of heavy rains and lightning.


Those in risky zones have been told to evacuate and look for new settlement areas to avoid being killed by flash floods or building collapse, which the government says is very common during June-September every year.

Since the beginning of this month, Wednesday was the first time the city of Mumbai experienced heavy rains and wild winds. The meteorological department has announced that more rain is expected in the coming days.


The Wednesday rainfall lasted more than 12 hours, and several roads were blocked, and roofs were blown away by wild winds.

On Monday, the incident prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce compensation to the families of those killed and allocated money for those injured to pay hospital bills.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, in 2019 alone, close to 2,900 people were killed by lightning in India. Last month a herd of eighteen cattle was found dead, suspected to have been killed by lightning.

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