ICJ rules in favor of Somalia in border dispute against Kenya


The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled in favor of Somalia in a border dispute at the Indian Ocean where the Kenyan government had claimed she had jurisdiction over the oil-rich area between both nations.


In May, relationships between countries deteriorated earlier when the Kenyan government stopped Somalians from accessing the contested water territory, which prompted the Somalian government to close down her embassy in Nairobi.

The Kenyan government further escalated the conflict by announcing the closure of the two biggest refugee camps housing Somalia’s refugees in the Northern part of the country, prompting the UN to warn of a humanitarian crisis should the situation escalate.


In June, the Kenyan government also issued a statement announcing their nonparticipation in the case at the ICJ over what it described as a lack of competency of the court to handle the case.


Last week, Nairobi further announced that she had revoked the recognition of the ICJ’s jurisdiction over the contested territory stating that the court has no powers to rule over the dispute.

The case was filed seven years ago by Somalia. It is not clear if the Kenyan government will respect the Tuesday ruling since they had earlier contested the authority of the court to rule over the case.


The streets of Mogadishu were flooded on Tuesday following the ruling as many have expressed joy and say Somalia can now exploit oil and gas in the contested water.


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