Guinea: Coup leader to open borders on Wednesday



Mamady Doumbouya, the September 5th coup leader of Guinea which ousted former President Alpha Conde, has told Guineans through a televised address that the military government will be opening the borders on Wednesday 15 September 2021, to enable businesses to continue one week after the military coup.


According to Mamady Doumbouya, opening the borders will facilitate the military transition and encourage businessmen to continue their activities as the military prepares to announce the transitional government, which they say would be inclusive. That will makeup both the civilians and the military.


Last week, Mamady Doumbouya met with a special envoy from the ECOWAS. He noted that the military government will not last for long as it was only interned to reestablish the rule of law and give back powers to the population where the constitution would be respected.


Doumbouya said he would ensure a peaceful political transition that will also be inclusive as it will bring all the different political actors on board alongside civil society organizations who want to see a better and more prosperous Guinea.


On Tuesday, Colonel Doumbouya met with opposition members, leaders of civil society organizations, businessmen, religious and traditional leaders, where he sought out how they think that the transition government can be formed that will be inclusive.


During the Tuesday meeting with stakeholders, Doumbouya said the military has not come to impose on the people but has come to save the country from going against its constitution, which is the biggest book of the land and must always be respected regardless of who is in charge.


He rubbished the ECOWAS sanctions and said the regional bloc would not determine the fate of Guineans but that the people of the West African nation will determine their future. If they have decided to do so, nothing can stop them, not even sanctions.

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