Guinea Conakry: Military Junta  Forces 42 Military Generals to early Retirement


Over 42 military generals in Guinea Conakry have been forced to their early retirement by the country’s military leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who took power through a military coup in early September by ousting the country’s democratically elected President Alpha Conde.


Reports say the military Junta was not pleased with the way orders were executed by the generals he accused of being loyal to the deposed leader Alpha Conde.


Mamady Doumbouya had pledged to unite the country and respect the term limit stipulated by the transition government, but critics fear that he may not respect the terms since he still has absolute powers to appoint and sack senior officials.

He has defended the decision by articulating that his main aim is to prevent another coup and ensure discipline continues within the ranks of the military since some of the 42 generals could be significant threats to his government.


After his official inauguration as the country’s interim president, he agreed on a peaceful transfer of power to civilians. He noted that no military leader in a military coup would be eligible to stand for an elective position.

Doumbouya, who is currently facing pressure from members of the Economic Community for the West African States, says only the transition government will determine the duration of the interim government before general elections are called.


He has waved ECOWAS threats for the military to return to barracks and stressed that only the people of Guinea Conakry shall determine when the transition will come to an end.


He described the ECOWAS bloc as a group of dictators who should rather promote democracy and see that their people have a  better life.


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