Ghana: President Nana Akufo announces planting of 5 million trees

President Nana Akufo of Ghana has called on Ghanaians to join his administration in planting close to 5 million trees across the country.

Tree planting is expected to enable the country to replace trees cut down and help in the fight against climate change.

The president appealed Friday at the official launch of the “Operation Plant 5 million Trees exercise” to protect the country’s forest depleted by massive deforestation. It was also to celebrate Green Ghana Day.


The President also announced that the trees would be planted not only in forests that have been affected by deforestation but will also be planted around churches, government offices, schools, and along major roads within the country.

Samuel Abdulai Jinapor, the country’s Lands Minister, says it is an initiative that will make the country a green nation.

He said thousands of bags containing millions of different tree species have been sent to 16 regions in Ghana and will be planted simultaneously on Friday.


He told AFP, “As part of the program, we are seeking to work out a formula where the trees to be planted will be economic trees. We are talking about the Timber, Wawa, Nim, Rosewood, Shea trees. The rationale for this intervention is so that in planting the trees, we are also investing for the future.”


National statistics from Ghana’s Ministry of Lands revealed that close to 80 percent of Ghanaian forests had been exhausted from 1900-2021. However, the country is fighting hard to protect the forest and fight against global warming, the Lands minister noted.

President Nana said the tree planting would continue across the entire country to greatly reduce climate change.

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