Embattled ex President of CAR takes over leadership of rebel coalition

Serge Bozanga, the spokesman of the Coalition of Patriots for Change rebel group operating in the Central African Republic, has confirmed that the country’s former President Francois Bozize has taken over the rebel leadership movement that wanted to overthrow the country’s current President Faustin-Archange.


Last December, at least three rebel groups came together and formed the CPC intending to destabilize last year’s presidential election and take over the capital.


But the rebel coalition failed to advance to the capital due to foreign-backed troops dispatched by Russia and Rwanda to keep the capital Bangui safe and ensure the smooth running of the election.


President Faustin-Archange accused his predecessor Bozize of being behind the rebel alliance and for plotting a coup to overthrow his government. Mr. Bozize denied the allegations, stating that he “had no hand in the rebel coalition and was more focused on clearing his image which the election commission tarnished after rejecting his candidacy over morality issues.”

Today’s outing by the rebel coalition spokesman confirming Bozize leadership at the helm of the coalition has therefore come to confirm the allegations that he was responsible during the December attempt to oust President Faustin-Archange.

Bozize came to power in 2003 through a coup and ruled the country for 10 years before he was overthrown during a peaceful protest backed by the military. 

He immediately flew to Ivory Coast, where he is being hosted, and continued with his activities to oust the legitimate government to continue leading the country.


Bozize became angry last year when the country’s independent election commission rejected his candidacy, citing Morality and court cases that Bozize is to face at the ICC. Worthy of note is the fact that rebel groups intensified their attack when Bozize’s candidacy was rejected.

The election also did not go well for the opposition parties who felt cheated by the country’s election commission.


The opposition parties said the turnout of the last December election was abysmal as closed to 80 percent of eligible voters did not vote due to insecurity.

They described the polls as not credible, but the election commission maintained Faustin-Archange Touadera as the winner.

With Bozize in full control of the rebel alliance, the Central African Republic’s future hangs in the balance.

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