East Africa Tourism Platform calls for embracing regional single visa


Burundi, South Sudan, and Burundi have been urged by the East African Tourism Platform (EATP) to welcome the East African tourist visa regime. 

The managing director of EATP, Frank Mugisha, remarked that Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda are already part of the single regional tourist visa.


He added that the tourism sector revenues in the EAC bloc have greatly reduced due to the effects of the covid 19 pandemic. According to EATP, the single tourist visa will boost more sales of tourist packages, especially for international travelers by taking advantage of the close geographical proximity of EAC tourist sites.

Mugisha observed that Kenya and Tanzania beaches, the safari products, and Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tourist packages will be great if marketed jointly.


East African governments have been urged to offer tax and statutory deductions for the tourism sector to trigger quick recovery and growth.

The new partnership is meant to strengthen collaboration on joint research and policy advocacy and the capacity building at EAC and international levels to fully support the recovery and growth of the tourism sector which the health pandemic has hard hit. 


Another intention of the joint partnership is to encourage and boost capacity building for tourism service providers and fairs to brand and showcase the EAC region as a single and most attractive tourism destination.


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