DRC: Opposition calls for massive protest, demands electoral reforms


Adolphe Muzito and Martin Fayulu, two major opposition leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo, accused the country’s President Felix Tshisekedi of refusing to accept electoral reforms proposed long before he came into office.


According to the two opposition leaders, President Felix Tshisekedi came to power under the banner of restructuring the electoral laws that were seen at the time as unfavorable to the people.

They claim President Felix Tshisekedi had earlier wanted to Institute electoral reforms to make the voting process easier for all and also ensure credibility in the organization of an election in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


On Wednesday, the two leaders called on their supporters and Congolese of good faith to come out massively for peaceful demonstrations.

President Tshisekedi has not officially responded to the call for protest by the opposition leaders, however, the police have warned that there will be consequences for those who will go out in what they claim is “an unauthorized protest.”


There have been heavy police crackdowns on peaceful protesters since Tshisekedi took power, and many say things have not changed as compared to the days of Kabila.

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