Djibouti’s President reelected with 98% percent landslide

Djibouti’s incumbent President Ismail Guelleh, the country’s longest-serving president, has won another five years mandate, following the provisional results, which indicate that he had 98 percent of the valid vote cast.

The election, which top opposition leaders boycotted over credibility and legitimacy concerns, saw a low turnout of registered voters on Friday.


President Ismail Guelleh had only one rival, a businessman whom many say was planted by the incumbent to give legitimacy to the process after the opposition announced their boycott.

The country, which is home to multinational, national soldiers combating terrorism across Africa, witnessed a peaceful election for its first time. No major incident was heard across the entire country during the voting process.


During the campaign, he promised to reform the economy, restructure the country’s political system, and ensure unity amongst his people, which he says has been caused by the opposition parties who are against his policies.

Despite the numerous backlash of the election, some supporters of the president took to the streets to celebrate their leader’s victory, whom they say will bring change and stabilize the divided nation.

The majority of the people live below poverty line, and the country has a high rate of corruption as the nation’s wealth happens to be in the hands of a few.

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