Djibouti: Al-shabab promises hell on French and US troops in Djibouti

Two weeks to Djibouti Presidential elections, al-Shabab leader Ahmed Diriye has called on attacks on western targets as a strategy to show control over the region and protest the government’s decision to host these western forces used to target terrorists groups around East Africa.


In a video released by al-Shabab leader Ahmed Diriye on Saturday, he accused the country’s President Guelleh of turning Djibouti into ” a military base from where every war against the Muslims in East Africa is planned and executed. “Make American and French in Djibouti the highest priority of your targets,” he told his fighters as quoted on African news.


The country is home to about 4000 US troops and 1,500 troops from the French army, and a number of Italian and Japanese soldiers are also stationed in the country.


The group leader said these troops are responsible for killing Muslims around East Africa under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Thus, he wants his fighters to make these western troops and companies their primary targets.


The group launched a deadly attack in 2014 in a local restaurant in Djibouti, and one person was killed while 20 people were badly injured including Germans, and French nationals.


The country is considered a strategic place to host foreign troops fighting terrorism across Africa.

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