China: Funded projects, investments transforming Zambian lives


 Good investments carried out in a country will definitely impact not only the economy but also on people’s lives.


 Therefore,  there is absolutely no doubt that Chinese overseas investments have been of significant benefit to economies globally and improve people’s lives.

Zambia is one of the nations benefiting from Chinese-funded projects and investments, and lives are being transformed positively. 


For instance, the construction of a 750 megawatts power project in Zambia funded by the Exim Bank of China and other financiers has enabled the country to become energy secure and has had a great impact on the lives of Zambians.


Construction works of the Kafue Gorge Lower Hydropower Station situated in Chikankata district, about 90 kilometers from Lusaka, the country’s capital, started in 2015. Both socio and economic benefits are being realized.

Apart from the creation of about 4,000 jobs during the construction period, the project, after completion, will provide another 400 permanent jobs.


Senior Chieftainess Nkhomeshya Mukamambo II, under whose chiefdom the project is located, is grateful that the project will enhance power generation and benefit local people who have been employed.

Bwenvya, who is involved in selling foodstuffs, says construction workers have become her major customers resulting in her business improving.


“This project has been good to me as a single mother of one child. I am now able to take care of myself and my child because business is now growing,” she said.

According to a representative of Sinohydro, Liu Kai, his company is improving the living standards of the people within the project’s locality.


He said asides from creating jobs, a school has since been built promoting academic growth while boreholes have been drilled to ease people’s access to potable water. 


He added that the company has also trained 350 natives as technicians at the project while some have been sent to China for training and that the company has earmarked more projects for the community.

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