Chad: Violent campaigns rock Chad as Deby seeks to extend mandate


Chadians head to the polls this Sunday, April 11th, 2021, to decide the nation’s future by handing another mandate to the country’s longest-serving President Idriss Deby since independence, voting in a new president who will lead the nation for another 5 years.


The country, which plays a great role in the fight against Boko Haram in the West and Central African border, faces multiple challenges ranging from poor infrastructures, lack of good drinking water, low standard of living, and high crime rate.

Violent campaigns were seen in the northern parts of the country as supporters loyal to the incumbent candidate Idriss Deby stormed a campaign ground with live ammunition with Hilux vehicles and started shooting in the air indiscriminately.


The men dressed in white dresses had Idriss Deby pictures on their vehicles believed to be mercenaries, helping the leader win the election.

Three opposition parties whose files were accepted by the Chadian electoral commission have announced a boycott of Sunday’s election, stating that there is no way the election will be transparent as Debby is likely to win the election.


Debby came to power through a military coup that ousted the country’s military ruler Hissene Habre in 1990. Years after he took power, he promised to institute democracy and build stronger institutions, a promise he failed to materialize.

He changed the constitution in 2018 to enable him to seek an unlimited mandate, which was greatly protested by the opposition, but he used heavy force to suppress the protests.

He has tightened his grip in power and has appointed loyalists at key positions to help him win the election; an opposition candidate told the press.

Saleh Kebzabo, an opposition leader who went in during the 2016 Presidential Election, said he would not be taking part in the election because it is already known.  

Another opposition leader, former minister Yaya Dillo, is under detention after government forces stormed his compound and allegedly killed his mother, son, and family members last February.


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