Chad: Top General, Abderamane Dicko demands respect of the constitution

Chadian military has become divided over the proclamation of the son of late President Idriss Deby Itno as the successor of his late father following the Tuesday assassination.


A group of soldiers loyal to General Idriss Abderamane Dicko has refused to accept the Transitional Military Council’s decision indicating that the constitution must be respected and that General Idriss Mahamat should immediately step down.

They have described the decision to appoint General Mahamat Idriss as a military coup and warned that the situation would get worse in the days ahead if the constitution is not respected.


Talking to African News, General Idriss Abderamane Dicko said, “We say no to this decision taken in haste without popular consultation because the people say no. We say to our brothers in arms who are part of this Military Transitional  Committee to come to their senses and listen to the cry of the Chadian people.”

He went further to confirm that the people have the legitimate claims of advocating for good governance and democracy and says their voices must be heard. 

“The people said no to the six mandates, no to the system, no to bad governance! Today the Marshal is dead, but now the new team should listen to the people who will be difficult to manage. Mahamat Idriss Deby had better listen to the democratic opposition and civil society because they say no to this coup d’etat perpetrated by this small friendly group. He had better listen to them. Otherwise, if he moves in the current direction, he will have problems. He will not be able to deal with the consequences. The country belongs to everyone.  Everyone has the right to be consulted.” 


When asked by African News if General Abderamane Dicko has spoken to Mahamat Idriss Deby, he said, “I do not need to talk to him. It is up to him now. If he needs to talk to me, I am available. I am not in a hurry to go and meet him or talk to him.” He concluded 

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