Chad: Many arrested in Chad, as the nation braces for election tomorrow

Arrest, bomb threats increase as Chadians head to the poll tomorrow Sunday, April 11th, 2021 to make their voices heard in selecting their leader for another five years mandate, according to the country’s constitution.

Several people were arrested on Thursday, after it alleged that they were plotting to assassinate key political leaders, and others have been arrested today Saturday after they were suspected of planting bombs at polling stations.


The Chadian ministry of interior announced that plots to assassinate several political figures were discovered, and “some of the suspects have been arrested while others are being investigated,” the interior ministry stated.

They also highlighted that the suspects wanted to bomb the electoral commission headquarters, and thanks to intelligence services, the suspects were apprehended.


Gunshots were heard in some parts of the country though it was not clear who was shooting as last week some of Deby’s supporters campaigned with live ammunition and were firing them in the air.

Idris Deby is seeking a sixth mandate and has ruled the country for thirty years since he came to power in 1991 through a military coup.


He is likely to win tomorrow’s election since the main opposition candidates are not taking part in the election, stating that it will not be credible, while others say it is out of fear.

In a tactical mode, the country’s supreme court rejected the list of some key opposition leaders, clearing the way for Idris Deby to win.


In February this year, Deby ordered some opposition leaders who condemned his actions to seek another mandate and used heavy force to silence peaceful protests in some key cities.

That same month, Chadian military forces attacked the home of an opposition leader Yaya Dillo Djerou and killed his mother alongside three family members. 


The government said the military responded to attacks from Dillos guards, which led to the killing of Dillos’s mother and three others.

They blamed Dillos guards’  but the opposition leader who is currently under arrest said the military was first to launch the attack.

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