Cameroon: Two police shot, five cars set ablaze by separatist fighters


Five cars have been set ablaze, two police officers injured in Muea, a locality in Buea, the regional capital of the South West Region in Cameroon, following a separatist attack that occurred Monday in the town hosting close to 30,000 people, according to local media reports.

Reports say the separatists stormed the town around 1:00 pm local time and attacked the police station, which is located at the entrance of the town, and opened fire, setting five cars on fire before leaving.


“The two officers injured were trying to return fire before the bullets caught them, and they have been rushed to the hospital. I don’t know if they were critically injured since we were not allowed to get close after the incident, but we were told that two officers were shot,” a source who refused to be named told a Cryout News reporter.


In an amateur video circulating online showing the aftermath of the separatist attack, the walls of the police station are riddled with bullets. Office equipment, including computers, are also damaged. There are bullet holes on the roof as well.

The video, which the Cryout News team has independently verified, also shows the five vehicles burnt down by the separatists. Voices could be heard lamenting over the material losses.


The cars destroyed were parked at a petrol station directly opposite the police station.

Local inhabitants have decried the burning of the vehicles which they say do not belong to the government and were not on the road disrespecting the usual Monday Ghost Town enforced by the separatists.


This is the second attack within three weeks carried out by the separatist fighters in the town. Last month, heavily armed separatist fighters attacked the town.

It is worth noting that this was the same police station where journalist Samuel Wazizi was taken to and from where he disappeared until his death was announced last year though his corpse has yet to be seen.

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