Cameroon: Security forces kill scores of civilians including women and children

New reports from the troubled Region in the Anglophone region in Cameroon indicate that the military executed scores of innocent civilians in Meme Division in a field at a village known as Foe Bakundu on 18th March 2021.


Last week, Cameroon security forces announced the assassination of a non-state armed “general”  Spirito alongside two of his fighters. The Military did not reveal the actual number of those killed during the raid. 

According to the Image that the Military and local authority brandished in the area, It shows that three people were killed after the military stormed the village hunting for the separatists’ fighters.


Reports from local media and eyewitness testimony however revealed that more than 20 civilians were pulled out from their homes and later shot by the military, including women and children. 

Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong claimed last week that the military only killed three separatist fighters. A picture and video released today show how more than 20 civilians were gathered in a field and shot at close range. 


The Cameroon government is yet to react to the recent footage.

This is not the first time such is happening in Cameroon. The first case was in Ngarbuh on 14th February 2020, When the military killed civilians in the country’s North West Region.


The military spokesman said civilians were not killed in Ngarbuh and that those killed were separatist fighters. After reports from the Human Rights Watch and some organizations, the Cameroon government finally took responsibility for the killings.

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