Cameroon: Schools remain close in Bali one week after resumption


One week after the effective resumption of schools across the Republic of Cameroon, some in Bali are yet to have effective take off as government and Anglophone separatist fighter’s battle over who is in control of the area.


Sources say, parents are afraid to send their children to the schools in Bali because the separatist group had imposed an indefinite lockdown across the roads in Bali and warned that those using vehicles on the road would be treated as enemies thus will have themselves to blame.


The separatist imposed the indefinite lockdown last month in retaliation with a decision that was taken by the Senior Divisional Officer of Bali to ban the use of motorcycles across the entire Bali in a bide to prevent the separatist from using motorcycles to launch attacks against the military and government officials.


According to government officials, the indefinite ban of motorcycles was aimed at reducing the number of attacks that were occurring in Bali.

One week after the ban was imposed by the administrative official, the separatist under a dreaded armed fighter also imposed an indefinite lockdown banning cars from using the roads and warned that cars spotted would be attacked same like military vehicles.

In some parts of the South West Regions, schools are still closed over the fear of the unknown as separatists have warned against opening schools in most areas.

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