Cameroon: Military kill two civilians in Bafia, Muyuka Subdivision 


On Tuesday 12 October 2021, the Cameroonian military shot and killed two unarmed civilians in Bafia village, a locality within Muyuka Subdivision in the restive South West Region of the country, according to local authorities in the area.


A clergy who spoke to Cryout news team under the condition of anonymity said gun battles were heard in the early morning hours and lasted for at least three hours at the village’s main street. Hours after the gunfire exchanges, two corpses were spotted at the road being guided by the military.


“Nobody can tell if those killed by the military are armed fighters or ordinary civilians since we didn’t see any gun lying beside their corpses as the case has often been. You know that armed separatist fighters also do not wear uniforms in this area,” the clergy said.

“This is not the first time that such a thing is occurring in our village, we’re calling on the government to dialogue with the armed fighters,” he concluded.


The corpses have not been identified, and no separatists group in the area has announced any attack against their local forces.

Teki John is one of those who witnessed the gunfire. He told Cryout News team that “The military entered the village and started shooting indiscriminately killing two civilians.”


Some inhabitants believe that those killed were members of the armed separatist fighters who were not carrying weapons at the time.

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