Cameroon: Man kills and dismembers brother’s wife over a piece of land in the South Region


Cameroon Security officers have arrested a man believed to be in his late 30s in Moyomessala, a locality in the South Region of the country accused of killing his brother’s wife on Thursday.

The woman’s body was only discovered on Friday morning by local authorities behind a lone Catholic church in the town where he dumped her body.


The suspect confessed to the Gendarmerie officers of being responsible following the gruesome incident and said he did that out of anger because the brother’s wife sold a piece of land belonging to the family to bail her husband from prison.


Sources say the deceased’s husband was in prison. After discussing with her husband, they agreed to sell the land to secure his release.

On selling the land, her brother-in-law was not pleased with the decision and immediately confronted and killed her. The man is under police custody pending investigations.

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