Cameroon: At least three killed,several military injured following an IED attack


A group of armed fighters in Cameroon’s restive North West Region who identified themselves as Bui Warriors have claimed full responsibility for a deadly attack that occurred late on Tuesday where some military officials were killed during the attack.


Military sources say their convoy was attacked using an Improvised Explosive Device, which partially destroyed one of their Armored vehicles transporting close to 12 soldiers heading to Tadu village.

In a series of images published on different separatist Facebook pages, an Armored Vehicle was seen destroyed with a military officer helpless in the destroyed vehicle.


However, the separatist fighters have claimed that they killed at least seven military officers during the Tuesday operation though the figures have been disputed by some military sources.

On Monday, the military launched an operation and arrested the parents and family members of a dreaded non-state armed fighter, “General No Pity.”

And on Tuesday, the fighter released an audio calling on the soldiers to release his entire family, or there will be serious consequences.

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