Cameroon: 200,000 Cameroonians in need of food supply, says UN humanitarian Affairs 



A new report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Cameroon branch has revealed that close to 200,000 people living in the restive North West and South West Region need food supply and risk famine.


According to the OCHA report, which was published on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021, food distribution has been hampered by the lockdown, which has prevented the circulation of interurban transportation of goods, medical supplies, and some needed services in the Anglophone community.


The report also noted that lockdown has further impoverished those who have not moved out of the troubled regions since they are forced to stop doing business or carry out other income-generating activities in the conflict zone.


The separatist warned that those caught opening their business or violating their travel restrictions would be punished or killed depending on the circumstances. This has plunged the people living in these regions into further economic hardship.


The statement also articulated that pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases are at risk of dying since vehicles are grounded.

“Since September 15th, United Nations and humanitarian partners were obliged to fully suspend humanitarian activities and put on hold the delivery of humanitarian assistance to people in need in both regions,” the statement read.


“On the eve of the lockdown, about 700 people fled their villages to West and Littoral regions, and about 1,800 persons moved to urban centers or safer localities within the North-West and South-West,” the statement continued. 


“Deprived of humanitarian assistance in the new locations and without access to economic activities, their vulnerability is being exacerbated.” 


The statement also noted that “the lockdown is increasingly impoverishing the affected people, especially those dependent on daily work to survive. With the absence of banking services, risks of resorting to negative coping mechanisms are aggravated.”


Since the lockdown started, there have been a series of attacks carried out by separatist and government soldiers as many have been killed, according to local NGOs.

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