Benin: Several injured in Benin as pro-democratic protesters clashed with security forces

Security forces in the Benin republic have killed a protester and injured at least six in a central city after the protesters stormed the streets demanding the regulation of the electoral process that will give way for major opposition leaders to take part in the upcoming Sunday’s presidential election after they were sidelined by President Patrice Talon.


The protests erupted today, Thursday, 8th April 2021, in the opposition-dominated areas, and the military responded with heavy force.

Two years ago, in Save’s central city, dozens of people were killed after protesters took to the streets demanding President Patrice Talon’s resignation, hundreds were arrested though later released on the President’s orders.  


President Talon, who won his first election in 2016, was praised for promoting democracy and had promised not to seek another term, however, changed his mind two years ago.

He is being criticized for fighting against democracy by sidelining the major opposition leaders. 


Ologou, a Beninois political scientist, told AFP that the upcoming election is just a formality as Talon will win another mandate. In his word he said; “Since the return of the multi-party system in 1990, this is the first time the country has organized a presidential election like this: pluralist in appearance, but without choice in reality – and where the re-election of the president seems only a formality,”

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