Argentina president announces lockdown amid Covid-19 surge


The President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez has announced that his country will be heading to a national lockdown this weekend following the increase in coronavirus cases in the Latin American nation, which has also recorded the highest fatalities this week.


Alberto Fernandez said all non-essential services would be prohibited during this lockdown period that will only end on 31 May. Services to be suspended this weekend include sporting activities, social, business, religious, and educational facilities.


In a statement released on National TV, President Fernandez said, “We are living the worst moment since the pandemic began. We see the highest numbers of cases and deaths. We must take this critical situation seriously and not naturalize so much tragedy. The authority of each jurisdiction must apply the rules that we are dictating. There is no room for speculation or doubt.”

The president said the lockdown was imperative following a briefing by health officials stating that the country recorded more than 35,000 coronavirus infections within three days. He said the lockdown is to contain further spread of the virus during vaccination is ongoing.


 According to the data released by Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with the country’s health ministry, 743 people died of covid-19 within three days with 35,543 new cases recorded and warned that if measures are not taken to contain the virus, it will further plunge the country into a health crisis.

The country is struggling to recover from a lockdown that was imposed last year, which was seen as the longest within the subregion, which badly affected the economy. With new Covid-19 variants in the country, there are worries that the country may not easily recover.

Johns Hopkins University holds that the country has recorded 3.4 million confirmed coronavirus infections with more than 72,000 deaths.

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