Algeria: PM Abdelaziz Djerad resigns over poor election performance

Algerian prime minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, has resigned after a poor showing by the pro-establishment party in the June 12 legislative election and the record low voter turnout, according to a statement issued by the country’s presidency.


A statement from the president’s office, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, revealed that the prime minister was not happy with the low participation of the election and so decided to tender his resignation after only 23 percent of people voted last June 12th.

The election was heavily boycotted by opposition parties who said reforms had not been instituted since the end of the revolution and wanted more reforms before the organization of any election in the country.


Protesters took to the streets even after the election, calling for the cancellation of the election and for the current government to be dissolved.

The country’s biggest political party, the National Liberation Front, which participated in the heavily boycotted election, won the most seats – 98 out of 407 – accounting for just over 24 percent of votes cast, far less than the required clear majority.


Independents won 84 seats, the Islamist-leaning Movement of Society for Peace 65, the pro-establishment Democratic National Rally party 58 the Future Party secured 48 seats, the National Building Movement won 39 seats, followed by the Justice and Development Front party with two seats each.,

According to the country’s constitution, the president will now consult with the party which has the highest number of seats to nominate a new PM.


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