Tanzania: Mixed reactions, as President Samia Suluhu hires Tony Blair to fight Covid_19 


Tanzanians have expressed mixed feelings over what some have described as embracing neocolonialism and a return to colonial policy following the decision to recruit former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to head the country’s Covid_19 team.


The decision to recruit Tony Blair to help the country fight against Covid_19 and rebuild the country’s international reputation was taken recently by President Samia Suluhu Hassan who noted that Tanzania  “cannot” work alone.


According to her supporters, the decision is a great one as Mr. Blair will use his rich knowledge in carving out new strategies to help the East African nation to combat the virus.


They further argued that the late John Magufuli Pombe made the country to have a bad reputation at the international level thus, Blair’s influence will change the narratives and also help Samia Suluhu Hassan to have a great understanding on foreign policies.

However, some have expressed disappointment with the decision as they see it as a betrayal to the late John Magufuli Pombe who built a strong economy without getting help from the international community.


Late Magufuli was a big critic of the fight against Coronavirus as he believed that the virus was not as dangerous as the western countries were propagating it.


Magufuli did not trust Westerners and saw them as threats to the country’s development as he refused to collect loans from western nations, describing foreign aid as death traps.

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