NIGERIA: Cholera outbreak kills more people as death toll jumps to 2,300


The Nigerian  Center for Disease Control (NCDC)  declared that the cholera outbreak in Nigeria had claimed the lives of up to 2,323 people across the country since its onset in January.


On  Tuesday, September 14, the NCDC proclaimed that 46 new deaths were linked to the disease outbreak across the West African country between August 30 and September 5.

Figures from the public health agency confirmed that a total of 69,925 suspected cases of cholera infection have already been established in over 25 states and the federal capital territory since the beginning of the outbreak.


The  NCDC  acknowledged that so far, the case fatality rate for the outbreak in the country stands presently at 3.3 %.

It further stated that a national multi-sectoral emergency system continues to coordinate and oversee the national response regarding the outbreak.


According to health experts, Cholera is a highly virulent disease characterized in its most severe form by a sudden onset of acute watery diarrhea that can cause death due to severe dehydration.


Nigeria has been badly affected by the cholera outbreak, and this has remained quite persistent, occurring yearly. This happens most often during the rainy season and in areas with deplorable sanitation, overcrowding, lack of clean food and potable water, and areas with no good toilets where open defecation is common. These factors contribute greatly to the rapid spread of the disease.

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